>95% memory usage after one day consistantly


I turned mine on yesterday and mine seems to be pushing the limits for ram too. @bestes I remember there being a bug a while back but it looks like was fixed. Maybe it’s back again?


i think something might be wrong with my install of raspbian or my sd card.
My Pi kept crashing i assume when the ram usage hit 100 percent.

I grabbed a different SD card and am re-setting it up to see if that was the issue.


I am having the same problem. I have to reset every 12-24 hours. I’m also noticing a very large log file building. I haven’t checked to see if that’s normal or not yet.


new card, new install, 96% mem usage after 2 days running.


rebooted yesterday.
96% again after 24hrs.


Are you using by anychance Adafruit ILI9341 library or DS18b20 temp sensor? I have the same problems, getting rid of the ILI9341 was the key (display.clear() has a memmory leak)


Hi team,

I am using 3 DS18B20 and I have the same problem RAM up to 95% Raspberry Pi 3 with latest jessie raspbian.


Sounds like continuous data logging, easily verified…or a memory leak.


Do you have some other software working on the Pi, so the problem is maybe not cayenne?


I do have 3 dallas 1 wire temp sensors.
well i had 3.
one is disconnected right now but all 3 are still showing in the dashboard.

could that be the issue?
from what i see there are two instances of python3 running sucking up the ram according to TOP.
could be a memory leak in some module?

It’s a fresh install of latest raspbian followed by a cayenne install and nothing else.


I can confirm I have this bug as well but the Cayenne team has not yet confirmed it so it’s not being worked on. Unfortunately there isn’t an estimate on when they will get to it yet, just hang in there. Here is a workaround for the growing log the last time this bug was around: Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: SD become full in few hours unfortunately the ram issue will need a reboot.


Hi Adam,

Thats right, that is why I need to do in order to free my lack of ram once per week.


I too noticed this issue. I did a fresh install of Raspbian last night followed by the Cayenne installation. At first the RAM use was around 30%, but today it’s back to around 95%.


Hi all, I can confirm we’re aware of this issue (I see it on one of my own Pis), and it’s a top development item to be fixed. I’ll update as soon as I know more about a fix.


Having the same issue.

DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi

-same deal. I’m at 96%. However, I’ve got another memory monitor going and it only shows 24%. Hmmm…


Hi, similar problem here seems that the myDevice.pid is eating up the memory and CPU. Can anyone tell us how the system works? The documentation gives no indication of the technical details of how the system works. However, i can make a guess and say that the code running resident in memory is constantly scanning for GPIO changes and also always checking for user changes. Hence the heavy usage of CPU and memory… Maybe a user defined time parameters to set the time interval would help. Splitting the two processors would also help as they would not need to be resident in memory for any length of time… just a thought…


Hi @Martin4, and welcome.

For everybody following this thread, I want to apologize for the delay in getting this issue fixed, and thank you for your patience. As mentioned above, we’re aware of the bug - it was just a matter of pulling some of our development resources that have been focused on enterprise features to fix some of these long standing issues raised in the community. We met about it yesterday with management and are getting a committed developer just to work on the issues raised here, and this one is #1 on the list.

I’ll update here as soon as there is any change on it – I’m confident we’re talking in terms of days or weeks here rather than months.


I’m still seeing this bug and It eventually hangs the pi, does cayenne have any logs I could look into to see why?


Hi @ifload,

We do have a log at /var/log/myDevices.log but I don’t think its anything related to your specific configuration that you’re going to be able to change based on the log output. Ultimately it is an across the board issue with our Raspberry Pi agent software that will need to be fixed in an upcoming release.

The best workaround until we have that fix out the door might be scheduling a daily reboot of the Pi with the Cayenne Scheduler in order to free up used RAM.