Android app showing "There was an error loading your data"


I had the same issue. It turned out to be caused by other apps that kill Cayenne to free up battery and/or memory (in my case Battery Doctor and 360 Security). Cayenne was unable to recover from a kill.

I reinstalled Cayenne (necessay at this time) and added it to the ignore list on both apps and the problem was eliminated.

The developer knows this and is working on a fix to allow Cayenne to recover.


Have the same issue, did a cache and data reset and logged in again, now projects are missing and all sensor related settings (temp measures, icon type, etc.) are missing, though the sensor still works. Had this issue before as well when i make changes through the web interface and changes dont get noted on the android app and it starts working strangely.


Hi, I have various issues. Sometimes it’s error loading data, sometimes there is no device at all, and sometimes there is current value but no data in charts.



Awaiting the fix for android. Is there any expected date that we can look forward to? also is there an http comand that we can use to turn a GPIO port from 0 to 1 whilst the app is being repaired?



The related Android issues with:

  • ‘Error Loading’ error message
  • ‘Server Error’ error message
  • Arduino dashboard showing blank on Android (no widgets)

should all be resolved now with an update made on our server side! :fireworks:

Please note that a new Android release was not necessary to fix this bug, so the latest build is still 1.2.7 at the time of this post. You should see improved behavior immediately when using the Cayenne Android app, but you may want to Force Stop -> Clear Data -> re-login one final time before trying to ensure a clean slate.

I’m going to move this topic to ‘Resolved’, but by all means we’d like your feedback if this fix did or didn’t work to resolve these issues for you, so feel free to keep posting here. If you have a new issue, or one unrelated to the bullet list I made above, I encourage you to create a new thread so your issue isn’t lost in all of the posts about this previous issue.


…ALL my PROJECTS are gone-
all my triggers are gone…
the devices are showing up…
I tried clearing my cache, -no good.
but NO actions! BAD fix!


Hi Bill,

As we discussed in our PM, the projects disappearing is known (they are still there, not lost – just not loading) and we’re expecting a fix either today or tomorrow. Apologies for the trouble.

We aren’t aware of anything with triggers going missing, so I wanted to ask about that. Are they still missing if you go to Add New > Trigger > My Triggers, or User Menu > Triggers and Alerts? I would expect them to be missing from any newly created project views since projects aren’t loading, but not from the above areas.


The same erros with the app happened again