Automatic dimming 3w led


Hello. I have an aquarium and I bought some 3W leds to illuminated it. I have 3 led drivers one connected to yellow and red led that I trun on at the morning to simulate the sun rising. I have another driver connected to 12 white led to give maximun light to the plants I turn it on around 9:00 and trun off at 19:00. finally I use a third driver at night with blue moon light led. My idea is dimming it and not just turn it on and off. My idea was add an slider widget and schedule the increment from 10 to 255 slowly. Any idea to do this?


one thing you can do is when you turn ON the Led at 9:00, then program it so that it increments like you said 10 to 255 and then again to 10 and off at 19:00. As using a slider and then incrementing will be a-lot tough.


Is it possible to program events and schedule them to start every day at certain time like this:


create button for each event and schedule it to turn On which will start each . then program accordingly when you receive each button data.


How can I assign the increment/decrement to each button?. Should I need the code and then say to cayenne that all that part of code will be activated for one button?


Create 3 buttons: Yellow, White, Blue with channel 1 2 and 3. then read the status of each button in your code.

CAYENNE_IN(1)  //Yellow button
  int value = getValue.asInt();
if (value == 1)
//do the increment/decrement code

similarly, do for White and blue button.
Next add schedule for each button whenever required.