Automation Around the Home - Contest Guidelines


Okay Benny… :grin:
This contest is one person for one project right?


I am doing the carpenter work now:) I will enter ASAP, when make my remote node (cooking hacks stuff) working and of course make some noise with the project :smile:


then what will be the first prize for a non resident of north america


you have told that an expense of 1000 usd for 1st prize will that be cash prize for an non resident of america


Hi @mithun7somaj,

The first place prize is required to be resident in North America, since their project will be displayed at Maker Faire Bay Area. All other prizes are open internationally :slight_smile:


Welcome to my living room (IR + 433MHz + RGB LED stips)

sir can the project include a raspberry pi along with arduino?


Absolutely :slight_smile:

Benny Estes | Product Manager


sir, hold on then i am entering a project as dartofscience… coming soon…


Yay :slight_smile:


sir it is almost done.
i will upload in another 4-5 hr.
plz wait before you close the contest.
thank u.


sir sorry i was out of town can i upload the project by tonight by atmost 3 hours please


Sorry @iotsmarthomeajce the winners have been posted The Judges Have Spoken! ~CONTEST RESULTS~


@iotsmarthomeajce The judges had already judged all the projects when you submitted yours :frowning: But don’t worry, there will be more contests! I will send you a participation prize too :slight_smile:



hey, i was busy for a while. Congratulations to all the Winners.
any one received the prices?


Yes I receive the money prize :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So so happy! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve received the money. Thanks, I;m happy… :slight_smile:


Isnt there any participation price, till now i didn’t recieved any :confused:


Hi @proton029,

Yes there is. I sent email to all participants asking for their email address to send the prize money to via PayPal. I didn’t receive response from you, so I have not sent the prize money yet. What email address shall I use?


#46 is my email id
I think i replied to a mail asking the shipping address :cruise_ship:


oops, yes I see. I will send you the participation prize today :slight_smile: It may take some time to reach you since it is being sent from California.