Cayenne MQTT Python Library


Agree it is a starting point thanks. If I have time I will try to ‘crack’ the code and get this example reworked into some basic examples. But I am pretty much a beginner but am starting to get the feel of the MQTT process.

It would be great if a 5th Cayenne MQTT Library for python on a Pi could be added in the same way the four options have already been (very nicely) documented thanks.

The documentation so far for 4 other systems is most readable thanks.
These are very well sorted and easy to work through.

I will have a tinker with the MQTT.fx and do some manual poking about first for now to build up my ideas and skills with virtual cayenne dashboard devices. Thanks for including this link. It is a great looking tool for demo and testing.

I will be keen to know if someone gets’s a demo pi py based DS18B20 / Switch, LED, Slider sorted as a demo. That would be great.

~ Andrew


ı made one for switch. ı will continue led, slider and other things.
Here the link is:İnput/


Thanks very much for the DS18B20 especially. A great Cayenne concept and example. This is a great key example of reading and plotting an input to a plot etc. The DS18B20 digital approach (-55 <> + 125 Deg C) seems to me to be the best method since messing with ADC converters seems a bit complex. As well multiplee DS18B20 to the same single GPIO pin 1w bus it seems a wayyyy cooler way to go ?

Last thing i might be able to help with a Tute ‘5’ is to crack myself next will be the Serial (Pyserial Readline) off the GPIO serial port from an HC-12 TTL transparent serial link radio module. I propose stripping the variables from a generic CSV serial radio data packet. A bit like this…

It is already looking like the HC-12 + Pi GPIO may be a match made in heaven :wink: If someone wants to help be mix the working serial py CSV un-pack-ager / (split csv / tab, comma delimiter) into the DS18B20 Blob I will furnish the circuit.

Note: The Picaxe remote radio in the background is an example of typical student project: 3xAA for a year + of remote connectivity. "look mum no wires"
The HC-12 claims 1800m max but I have yet to confirm this…

~ Andrew