Creat you own "Cayenne App" with Thunkable (Android & IOS)


Make a simple App with Cayenne Extension FOR BEGINNERS :
This is a simple App : clic a GET buton to display data of the sensor. Made with Neoxelox Cayenne extension. Cayenne Extension for Thunkable/AI2/AppyBuilder

  • open your
  • creat or download my Thunkable exemple CayenneApp.aia
  • change/put your DeviceID & Sensors ID , Cayenne email & Password
  • you can test your app in live on your phone or/and creat an APK to install in your phone (Android)
  • Finaly : change color, add sensor, timer, to periodicaly refresh data , and more … :wink:

what you get finaly

This is the “advanced” get data sensor. in “disable block” : the simple get data.

Try and test :slight_smile:

Cayenne Cloud API - Controlling Actuators
Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable
Improvements to Cayenne Cloud (RESTful) API documentation



Here is the simplest code with Neoxelox extension.