History not working?


I cannot find any history since August 31 Midnight GMT.

Last data point on my Mountain Time Clock:

Fri Aug 31 2018 23:59:59 GMT+0000 (UTC) - 1759.59

Current values are still updating fine.


Same here


Same here all accounts seem to have stopped storing (or being able to) access History / Trend ‘Data’
Do we have to pay for this now ?
~ Andrew


For me the same, I already thought that something in the device was raining …


@jameszahary @francoisgervais @picaxe @xbary

What device are you all using, and what connection method?


For me the same, I use generic MQTT


It’s a raspberry pi through mqtt.

It’s that project: Air conditioner on/off control (raspberry pi)

Is seems to be posting fine and the widgets are updating correctly.


Its back ! :grinning:

Sun Sep 02 2018 15:55:55 GMT+0000 (UTC) 955.54 9:55:55 AM


Sorry guys for the inconvenience caused. we had an technical issue and it is solved now.



This is my code, I do not use the Cayenne.loop main loop, and create a cayenne object by the new operator. That’s why, because when the internet connection is broken, my “xbOS” automatically disables tasks that use the Internet until you reconnect.

but I already have to communicate that it works.


Thanks for prompt return to normal transmission…
Have to say the custom / ‘Data’ options within projects is now very good esp with the ability for hh:mm:ss plus usual date select options. If you have not seen this in action then go have a play everyone !
Perhaps this level of search / custom time hh:mm:ss + date might migrate to the standard Custom Line Chart ?
~ Andrew


@picaxe, no hh:mm:ss but there is an option for custom date on the line chart.