How to set up a guest connection (share dashboard publicly)


Bello everybody! I am new to the site and are amazed with Cayenne.
What is the current status of share desktop publicly? Thank you forma updating.


the sharing feature is working fine now. you can use it to share your dashboard.


Thank you very much for your reply.
Could you indicate where is the information to use it?
I can´t find the sharing feature.


first create a separate project by clicking on “+”. add the widgets from the different device into this project dashbaord. then click on sharing option and share the link.



I have just joined to this great community. After successfully setting up my device the first question was how to provide limited access to my family members for using the predefined controls only. Shared projects works fine, however is there similar option for android devices?
The url of shared project does not really work on the phone as it does not show the dashboard but offers downloading the app from Google play store. The browser can be set to fullscreen mode where the dashboard can be seen, but this is not a really convenient way of operation.


try this Read Only Dashboard?


Thanks for your response. The other topic also suggest the workaround I mentioned. Open the side menu of the browser and click on “request desktop site”.
On one hand this is very inconvenient if the user has to do some more clicks to open the gate door, on the other hand the desktop version font size very small and unreadable on mobile screen.


So far the sharing of the link seems to work quite fine.

Is there even the possibility to use the shared link and add it ta another account, so that the user which uses the share even gets alerts with the official app.
And an app is always a little nicer to use than a web page.