MQTT Connection Showing as Offline


Unfortunately, now 2 state widget display doesn’t work properly. On the web server, all 2 state widget always are ON, but on android apps have a good values.


I saw the same behavior as described for my RPi mqtt which was working fine before. However now the client is connecting&disconnecting continuously, approx each second (see attached). Could this be related to this update? thanks,


@ruben_b Hmmm. that should not be happening. And everything was connecting just fine previously? I wonder if you can try generating new mqtt client id’s / password and use them to see if that will help…



Thanks for the follow up and letting us know that you go it sorted out!



2 state widget is still not behaving properly?..I’m hoping that after a little bit of time, the issue is fixed :thinking:


@jfb820 How are things looking now? You are using mobile app to turn actuator and seeing if web dashboard properly recognizes state change?



Yes, still not behaving properly.
This is a chanel 13, on 2state widget is ON but on display widget is 0.

This is chanel 14 and 2 state widget is ON but when I saw detials & chart the value is 0.


Yes, button actions on the iPhone app are being reflected on browser now. Also with sensor data keeping in sync on both.

Thanks for the follow up!


I am now seeing button actions and sensor data changes from the iPhone app also being reflected on the browser. Thank you for following up!


you are right, mistake from my side: I started the script again after your update but forgot to kill the previous. I assume connecting twice to one client is not possible so it disconnects.

FYI, it seems my actuator & state buttons are working correct in both web & android.


Have you any idea why 2 state widget not work properly?


I’m not sure why. Do you think you can share your code with me so I can test on my side and see if I can also reproduce this issue? You can PM me the code or just paste it in this thread.