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For the types try

cayennehumidity = “rel_hum,p=” + str(humidity[‘humidity’])
cayenneairpress = “press,bar=” + str(airpress[‘airpress’])


Hi Adam,
Not working, same result as before.
It is not important, but niece to have.
Could put the type in the title of the widget.
Or better have a “choose unit” field in the gauge widget as it exist in the temperature widget.

Again a lot of thanks for helping me,



hit ctrl+f5, try logging out and back in, or delete and re-add the widget. It should show up correctly, I just tried it.


Hi adam,
It worked with your
cayennehumidity = “rel_hum,p=” + str(humidity[‘humidity’])
cayenneairpress = “press,bar=” + str(airpress[‘airpress’])

Had to remove widget and reset my Tinkerforge dashboard and re-log to the Cayenne dashboard before seeing the right values and units.

Two remarks:

  • in air pressure I need Mbar. So I divide the value by 1000 again and changed number of decimals to 5. But the value after the decimal divider always says 00000 or it should be for instance 1,03100 when I have 1031,00 mBar. Then looked at the humidity value and same phenomena. The decimals after the “.” are always = xxx zero’s ;xxx equal number of decimals you choose in the settings.

*when clicking on the detail & charts for humidity and air pressure icon in the widget I receive this error

If you look in right corner you see jan 01 1.0AM ; but my pc and pi have the right time! Strange.

With the temperature widget I can see the details & charts without problems.

Are those two bugs?




Hi Adam,

Removed the widgets, closed the dashboard and signed back, launched the and now the widget doesn’t have this first strange error. I can see the log and graphs.

But the value after the decimal still gives me problems.

Question: i have made a document detailing the procedures to replicate my configuration and how to get the dashboard working.
I would like to send it to you for revision via private mail. Is this possible via this forum?




Sure thing, just click my name then click the message button.


Hi Adam,

As you propose I published a detailed guide of my project on

Had some problems with the instructables editor, who screwed the placement of the pictures and added “things” to code line.

Hope it can help someone.




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