Need help with DS18B20


my hydroponics setup was using 2 of these and has been up for awhile working fine then all of the sudden this same bug today.
Did you ever get it fixed or figure out why it was doing this? Is there another waterproof sensor I can use?

mine is showing the 32F then adding about 50+ of the default sensors to the bottom of the page. I can delete them on the app but they seem to pop back up very quickly.
This seems like a polling bug maybe when it polls the 4wire port it see’s the sensors as different or freaks out or something and just keeps adding new ones.
sometimes they show the right temp but the 50x 32f dummies still show.


My first thought is wiring, one of my 18b20’s wigged out the other day and that was the problem.

My next thought is what is the RPi seeing-

Let us know what you find,



Can you turn OFF the 1wire on pin 7?
I need to use GPIO 4, pin 7 as a GPIO output.


Hi @HighTech,

Unfortunately, not yet. We will eventually allow for auto 1 wire detection through Pin 4 to be turned on / off.



Any updates on this issue. I am still having this problem