New Android & iOS App Update



We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of Cayenne Android & iOS app that supports the new RPi Agent along with other features and bug fixes.

Cayenne Android (1.5.0)

Cayenne iOS (2.3)

Scheduler does not work any more
IOS App Crashes on pressing button
App cayenne "can not connect to the remote device"
Crash android con rasbarry
Strange operation of the platform
Connecting servo motor by BYOT

I’m using multiple Raspberry Pi computers with Cayenne 2. Digital output (to control a relay) works in a web browser on a pc, but on the iPhone and iPad they frequently appear as a digital input. I have the newest version of the iOS app. If I relaunch the iOS app, usually after several tries, the icon will appear as an output and I can then control the relay.

Is anyone else having this problem?


Hi @nfgy

It’s a known issue, we have a fix already to be released this week. We’ll notify here as soon as it’s out.


Thank you very much.