Now Live! Cayenne REST API for application developers


Woow :slight_smile: I will test these days and maybe make a some step by step tutorial with the Intel Edison :slight_smile:


so excited… :slight_smile:


I. Can. Hardly. Contain. My. Excitement.




Please correct me if I´m wrong but what I have seen from the API is that it is Northbound interface, lets say, we can extract device info in order to develope our own GUI etc… I haven´t seen that we could generate HTTP/GET-POST Southbound traffic from a device with this interface, is that right?


I am having trouble to get the oauth2.0 token. I was using chrome postman. Is there any one can help me? Thanks


@xiaozhiyong1988 is this the same issue you had in this post?


Tagging @hcortes as I’m not familiar with this specific terminology


Yes it is. Thanks.



Actually, there is a way. To send data using HTTP create a BYOT device then follow this:

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Basic base64(MQTT_USERNAME:MQTT_PASSWORD)' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '[
        "channel": 100,
        "value": 27,
        "type": "temp",
        "unit": "c"


@ognqn.chikov @kreggly @loslelazlo @Neoxelox @tempmail.temp @tiendle @xiaozhiyong1988 Hello! We recently released a ‘Sample App’ for the purpose that it will help you get started with using the Cayenne API and provide examples. Can you take a look and let me know what you think? Does it help?



When will u make tutorial on API


when will u make tutorial.Bro hurry up I have a project next month


Hi again @mohdsufiyanhussain,

The best tutorial that we have at this time is this one in the GitHub that I linked you the other day. Apologies if it isn’t sufficient for your needs, @hcortes should be able to answer any specific questions about it and we can use this feedback to improve it moving forward.


there you have Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable


Thanks @Neoxelox!


i want to ask what the problem if widget not can add and email notify not work


how do i find the auth token number


Have a look at this post Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable