Sense Hat support on Raspberry Pi


I am also interested in this


I would also be really interested in this. Any chance that might be done before school year starts again?


I can order one tonight and come up with some MQTT support. Might take me a week or two to post back. For anyone looking for support is this what you have?


Yes that looks correct. Thank you in advance!


Thanks for confirming, I’ll order one tonight.


Has anything come of the yet?
There still seems to be very little out of the box support.

So I still see little use for me with Cayenne, which is a shame as I keep trying every few month. Even the Pimoroni Enviro pHAT doesn’t work as it has (newer?) sensor version than the few supported. Bmp180 doesn’t work for bmp280 on that pHAT for example etc. So that is out of the question too.

I see you moved to alternative boards and setups so I guess have moved to a make you own sensor compatible route. Must read around some more and hope I find plugins for sensors or something like that.


I’ve had it hooked up to my pi for a couple weeks, but no I haven’t actually taken any time to get it working. What features of the sense hat are you looking for? I’ll start with those first.


Temperature, humidity and air pressure would be on my priority list :+1:


Hi Mr Cayenne, what’s up with the integration with Pi Hat ?

Thank you


I’m failing pretty hard here… I need to get that back out and just do it.


I also I am a big fan of the Raspberry PI 3 & Sense HAT and with the mini keyboard, the best-in-class microcontroller that can be used strait from the box. I will use these tools in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) 3 year curriculum I am currently developing for kids from 9-18 year.
In a school environment we need HW & SW that can be installed by PLUG & PLAY approach.
So that they can focus on the main task: prepare our kids for the 4th industrial revolution.
We do not need to focus on programming, but on system thinking, problem solving, system modelling design, IoT, big data, 3D printing, etc.
The Cayenne is one of the nice tools to display data, graphics . together with Scratch2 , NODE RED, MATLAB, etc. will be the STEM TOOL KIT of the future!!
Looking forward to test it.:sunglasses:

NOTE: The Astro sense hat is used also in the International space station.
not yet with Cayenne: shame :man_student: