Sensor Temperature with thermistor


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It’s good that you’ve found what is wrong.


one another question …

  1. is possible store data about temperature ???
    2.export data to google spread sheet??



When you set Graph widget so there is an icon for download.


ehm… yes … download …

  1. if is it possible automatic …
  2. if want see history for example 10 minutes show “no data available for this period” , my thermometer work longer time than 10 minutes…


I don’t know, @kreggly will surely know.


There is additional logging functionality coming soon. Wait f9r announcement.


I just if is possible store data … temperate for example for longer time .
I have own project by GSM module I send email every hour from my home automation system.
and make easy google script to read this email and store to spread sheet .
all working … but using arduino and cayenne is more easy and effective …
I want make school project to school install temperature sensor to each class and rooms and save this data data base , show in graph .

I will see …

best regards.