SolArduino - Camping solar heater panels control with Arduino


About This Project

Having recently installed new solar heater panels, for hot water production, in my camping site, I required a way to comfortably control the system, keep things under control when I am not around, and activate or disattivate some items from remote.

What’s Connected

I have used an Arduino Uno board, with a W5100 network shield. To this I have attached 5 DS18B20 temperature sensors and a 4 relay board.

Triggers & Alerts

I have not yet completed all the trigger and alert that I envisage I will require, but this will be done by the way, as the system gets working and I will get the hang of things.
So far I have set some triggers to shut down some elements of the heating system, should the temperature of particular items should drop lower than some set limits. This is done mainly to preserve energy and hot water.
Alerts are going to ve very important to warn me should some temperature drop to values considered too low, thus indicating a fault somewhere in the system, or rising too high. In case of temperature too low, it is a question of limiting problems to the customers before the issue even becomes a problem. In case of temperature too high, not only it preserve from overlooking system faults, but it should warn me of potential dangerous situations.


Scheduling is active to turn off some items at night, when people do not usually use much hot water, here too it is done to preserve energy and limit waste.

Dashboard Screenshots

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Photos of the Project


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Hello, when you finish it, you can upload some picture and share source code.


Hi, I will sure do that, but I did not managed to find out how to post images. I am a little slow on this things, so I will need some time, or guidance, to be able to do that.


It is quite easy, you can drag and drop it in the text editor :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, it was easy, i am not so quick in getting this things nowadays… :expressionless:
In the next days (or weeks) I will post more pics…


You don’t have to make it fast :slight_smile: Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hi @gchiaretta,

Cool project, excited to see the pics! Good luck my friend.



I like the updated pics and screenshots! Looks good.