Windows Phone app Support Requests


Hey, would be very nice to have a windows phone app. I’m using WP10


Hey all, thank you for the feedback about a potential future Windows phone app, and certainly keep it coming if you find this thread.

Can I ask, what happens if you log into the web version of Cayenne via the browser on a Windows phone? Does it just give you buttons pointing to the iOS / Anrdoid app stores? How about if you tell that browser to request the Desktop site?


Correct, even if setting to Desktop Version of Edge on WP10
Prompts to install an App, think it is detecting that we are on a Mobile Browser regardless.
This is a huge issue for us Windows Phone users.
I will check out some features of this site, but it’s going to prevent me from using it for more than just a testing facility of sorts.

And no, Windows Phone is not dead.

The UI is still superior than iPhone or Android.

Please consider a UWP for Windows Platform.


I’d like to see Cayenne on my WindowsPhone


I’m in for a Windows 10 app!