Workshop show room


no IOT project right now.


silly question (surely its yes) - but have you automated your brewing?


MY desk space is small so I have to expand out to the dining room table. :slight_smile:


Hurricane hit my workshop. This takes up the 3rd bedroom and wifey doesn’t mind weeeee!

I win messy workshop!


Here’s my room, it’s actually in a pretty good state for now…


That’s a pretty classy printer case there Adam. Vintage?


HAHA Well, I had a grand vision of creating a plexiglass enclosure. Then I saw how much it costs. It does the job AND it’s free :slight_smile: (in fact I’m pretty sure that was the amazon box the printer came in)


I envy you all guys! You all have great work places!


I’m using my son’s workshop. He has a nice setup!