Ideas / Suggestions   On Cayenne Roadmap

Download the all data with GPS, RSSi, SNR and temperature into a single file (3)
Setting page (5)
New feature for Triggers (8)
BMP180 widgets, can't rename one without the other changing, also decimal place selection (5)
New widget icon(s) not visible in Android app (3)
Keypad (12)
Grove Shields / Sensors (3)
Dashboard Permissions (4)
Drag and Drop does not work in Edge browser (4)
Add More Device Icons - Add Macros (14)
API - MQTT: Chart Bug and Mobile App missing Sensors (7)
'Customer' mode permissions level (4)
Tracking GPS release date? (7)
Cayenne as UI to Arduino WITHOUT Internet? (2)
Any camera support using arduino? (4)
Ability to run Cayenne offline, without internet access (2)
Using Cayenne without Internet (5)
Make pic and send to email(schedule time) (2)
Confirmation dialogue for important action events (4)
Custom Messages for Trigger notifications (3)
Counter widget (15)
Android app with landscape view? (2)
More complex triggers? (2)
24 Hour Clock (10)
Graph overlay possible and combined "if then" (3)
Export data (9)
Device X widgets not available on android app? (9)
Custom device on mobile app (3)
Can we make our own custom app to control our rpi through internet? (5)
The MQTT devices in iOS app (3)