Activate GPIO in Monostable mode (Timer) possible?


A greeting at the Forum is a new user and I do not know if this is the right place for greetings. I’ve found out for a few days this simple but powerful tool I’ve installed on Raspberry Pi3 and it works pretty well. I have activated to start with this platform turning on a Led with an OK button then I inserted a PIR motion sensor and it works fine then I added a Trigger to send a warning via email and SMS only works email but maybe I have to place the international suffix. Then I added a Buzzer to another trigger that always refers to the motion sensor. It works all the way if the buzzer goes in front of the sensor, but it does NOT turn OFF even after the motion sensor pauses / restarts (if I press the button that is referred to the Buzzer immediately goes out). I think this operation is normal, in fact the Buzzer receives only one command. The question is how to activate a timing? it can be done ? you can activate an output eg. for 30/60 sec. or I have to fix this problem via hardware eg. Ne555?. Look forward to your step-by-step help if this is possible. Finally, if you can activate a Cam connected to the connector with both trigger and triggers connected to the Motion sensor. Greetings By


Hi, I have exactly the same issue. I want to turn ON a GPIO pin and, after X seconds, execute another command on another GPIO pin. The real case is that I want to open a blind and stop the motor running after 5 seconds. I have the blind remote connected to the GPIO pin.


There is currently no built in function like a trigger to do this, but you could easily create your own time delay. Here is a post for an Arduino device that uses pulse, but you can also use the MQTT API to do the same thing with a Pi.


Thanks Adam but I am not an expert with code anymore. I will check this weekend if I understand how to do it.

Thanjs for your help


If you get stuck, post your code and we’ll help you figure it out!


I’m not even familiar with programming and then where do I enter the list? how do you call this list? My post has a hint of suggestion to who planning the system (future updates) is very interesting to enter this Timer option to recall and match to a GPIO pin as it likes. However at the moment (I have more experience in hardware electronics) I solved with a NE555 Timer controlled by a photo coupler. Thanks for the Greetings reply.