Aggregate devices to single map


Is it possible to display all devices on a single map widget?

Also It would be nice to at add a custom property to a device icon on the map like a analogue value or digital input state, eg pointer on map has last value from one or multiple device channels something like:



Hi @adam1,

Thank you for voicing your wants!

Multiple devices on a single map is coming :slight_smile:

When mouse pointer is placed on the icon, it should display all data points associated with the device…you are saying you want ability to customize what data points are shown?



Hi @bestes

Thanks for getting back to me, pic looks great, exactly what I was after, whats the time frame?

All data would be on a map icon would be fine for me, but the ability to turn data points on and off would be handy, for instance for a lora device the RSSI and SNR are great to have on the device overview but for the map icon depending on the layout it may just crowd information as it’s not really the primary information I’d be looking for.