Any way to get a timed button?

Hey Lynx,

I definitely want to add timer functionality. Do you think you can provide some thoughts? (Others chime in too please :slight_smile: )
See the “Set a Timer” section near bottom:

Is this what you were envisioning? It’s still in development, but you would be able to set the high state of the output for a specific duration and then (optionally) set the low state for a specified duration. And how important would it be to include an option for the ‘pulse’ to occur only for a specified number of pulses? For example, turn high for 15 seconds, low for 5 seconds, and repeat this 3 times.

Of course now there is the question of how to integrate timers into triggers, as @Ian mentioned earlier: [quote=“Ian, post:2, topic:350”]
I would like the light to stay on for 15 or so minutes after the last motion was detected

So there could be two use cases (1. a dashboard timer, and 2. a trigger timer) that could be different, and may overlap each other. @Ian would you want to be able to set different timer settings on the dashboard widget for your light, and then also in the trigger for the motion detector and light?

Furthermore, there can be timer functionality used in the trigger itself…IF temperature is below 65 degrees F for 20 minutes, THEN send me a text. (this is likely lower priority than the above two, but probably should still be considered when designing for the above).