Any way to get a timed button?


I can not add the timer library, someone has something simpler



Ah, sorry I missed that you were using a Pi. With the Pi unfortunately the only way to do that is to use the MQTT API. Are you familiar with programming Python?



Any update on adding this to the standard dashboard? It seems with the release of MQTT it has been possibly put on hold. It’s just that I’m not familiar with Python - I actually know a bit more about Arduino but this particular project I’m working on moved to the Pi so I’m kind of stuck with it for now. This is actually all that is missing for me is a timed button with enough granularity of control that it could be considered a momentary switch for one widget and be able to latch another switch for ~30 seconds for another widget.

Being able to do that would make the project complete and I could start rolling it out. If there isn’t plans for it anymore that’s fine, just curious how long I can hold off learning MQTT :smile:



this feature is kept on hold for some time as we had other high priority features that we released in the last couple of months. we have this on our roadmap and will be done in 3rd quarter.
if you want some help with your python code, then let me know. i will try and have a code for you.

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Check out my article on setting up the Anova with MQTT here.

Python and MQTT doesn’t have to be painful.

Also, user @STLWaffles posted code and improvements here in Github - with my permission.



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