Arduino ethernet shield w5100 connect failed

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Hi @seayoung132,

Do you get any errors when uploading the sketch to the Arduino?
Have you tested that your router is able to connect to the internet via Ethernet? In other words, try connecting a Laptop to the same Ethernet cable that the Arduino is plugged into & see if there’s any internet connection issues.

And just to confirm, can you clarify how you have everything plugged in? Do you have the Arduino connected to a Router?


Good morning

There were no errors when uploading Arduino

The Ethernet cable is connected to the laptop and the Internet is currently using the company Wi-Fi.

Is this a problem?

Hi @seayoung132,
It looks like you have things plugged in incorrectly.
You must plug in the ethernet cable to an Internet Router. You cannot plug it into a laptop.

Please try plugging in the Ethernet to your router & see if it works.


Hello, I did not work because I connected the ethernet cable to the router.

I used this video to operate the Ethernet shield. Do you know anything other than this video?