Arduino is Offine


i am using an Arduino Ethernet and a relay board for my application. The arduino is connected with an ethernet cable to router. Although the board is shown in the network profile and is responding to ping commands, in Cayenne Dashboard (Web/IOS/Android) is shown offline. Can you provide any debug steps? I wanted to mention that arduino board is fitted next to an electrical board.

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Hi @roumeliotispan,

As far as I know from my own experience, there are still some issues about “devices are shown offline”. If your widgets are working as expected, I am afraid you should wait until this bug is fixed.


Hi @roumeliotispan, @nicathesenov

I’d like to recommend you try following this tutorial I just wrote up on how to convert your sketch file from our Cayenne Arduino Library to Cayenne Arduino MQTT.

We believe this MQTT connectivity is more stable and fault-tolerant than our original Arduino connectivity and would be interested to hear if you see that as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance with converting your code following the steps in that post!