Average and current field in android app does'nt work

hi guys
i use cayenne android app to monitor tow int parameter
and i use this code in my ardunio code:
when i see those as graph ,there are tow field, current and average at top of page but they are always 0.0 .
could you help me whats the problem?

you need to use the correct data types. Data types for Cayenne MQTT API. the ones you are using are not supported.

i read cayenne mqtt types but i dont understand what kind of types support average filed.
and one more question …
graph is ok on web panel but in android app is all 0 when select day mode
whats the problem?
my board is nodemcu

what do you mean by average field?

this is because the data types you have added in your code is not supported. Add the correct data types and you will have history data for your widgets

currently, I using Arduino and w5100. I have problem with current and average show at app. it always shown 0.00 and I already use correct data type.

we have discontinued this feature from the app for time being.