BlindBird Esp12-e Small DC Motor Controller (with limit switch inputs)

This board is specifically made as a small motor bi-directional controller,
to control blinds, drapes, gates and electric door openers
using Cayenne IoT WiFi or MQTT remote controls.

There are (2) switch (dry contact) inputs, GPIO 4 & 5
Intended for open/close or up/down limit switches.

1 FORWARD/REVERSE relay controlled by GPIO 2
reverses polarity on outputs M1 and M2.

Motor Power On/OFF via GPIO 12
drives a TIP120 transitor powering DC motors
up to 36 volts or up to 3 Amps.

Input voltage/Motor voltage from +8 to +32V

download the CAD file by clicking:
This file can be viewed AND the PC board can be ordered by using CAD software.
Minimum order is $68 for (3) PC boards,
Yielding (12) BlindBird circuits
Here’s a complete parts/source list
(excluding the Esp12-e)
for building 12 PC boards:
$68.50 for (3) PC boards, yielding (12) BlindBirds
$30 for (12) Esp12-E units
$145 for DigiKey parts for (12) BlindBirds,
about $216 per yield of (12) units, or about $18/unit-