Bluetooth and disconnection


I just finished installing, configuring, and testing bluetooth on Raspberry Pi 3.
I used the ‘reboot’ command a couple of times and had several difficulties in connecting with devices, but finally succeeded. I tried unsuccessfully with the console software then tried the GUI in a MS Remote Desktop.
When I was done, I opened up my browser and checked Cayenne and Weaved pages, as I frequently do, since I may be using them for long term solar power monitoring. Weaved labeled each service as ‘Unavailable’ and Cayenne indicated the Pi was ‘Offline’.
I opened up MobaxTerm for an SSH terminal session and tiumed out.
I went into a DOS window and did an ‘arp -a’ and there was no entry with the Pi’s MAC address. I looked at the Pi and everything seemed normal. I unplugged and re-plugged the board and everything went back to normal.
The point is, there seems to be a glitch in the software somewhere that disconnects the Pi automatically or on cue from software.
Is anyone aware of this glitch. is anyone aware of a way to do a disconnect.?

Note the console software was bluez and blueman with the bluetoothctl command. I did the power on, agent on, and scan on commands but could not get a connection even though the devices were being detected.

This suggest an error with your network/pi and not with Cayenne. Regardless of the state of Cayenne you should be able to arp the Pi if it is truly connected to the network. This could be caused by any number of things: kernel panic, wifi lost connection, power interruption, etc. I would suggest connecting a monitor to the pi the next time this happens to see what is going on locally.

Thank you for your contribution.
At this writing, I consider the event a ‘one of a kind’ and am giving no further thought to the incident. Suggestions not withstanding, I form an opinion when circumstances are reproducible and, therefore testable.
I consider the event a fluke and mention the relevant facts should someone else have a similar experience. Collective experience is one of the cornerstones of science.

Sorry for joining this a little late. Would you mind elaborating what the issue here is? Cayenne shuts down when bluetooth is connected?

We’ve not tried to pair Cayenne with Pi bluetooth capabilities yet so this is new terroritory for me :slight_smile:

Also, I’m going to move this to need help with my project category for the time being, hope you don’t mind!