Booting up iddue

Hi All,
Have to say, This is not a complaint, and I am happy to live with this glitch , so I’m only asking as there might be a fix. If not, it’s not an issue. But I always have to open my app twice for it to work. If I don’t it does not recognise the commands from my android phone keyboard. I’ve NOT reinstalled it or played about too much with it because I’d rather it work like this than not at all.
Anybody got any ideas why this is happening. Cheers A

are you keeping your app in background? this is known bug. You have to restart the app when you keep the app in background.

Hi Shramik
No it’s not running in the background, but glad you mentioned it, so I’ve noted it.

If you don’t have any other ideas, it’s no big issue as it does actuall work, which is great as I’m so much happier my pond has Cayanne now monitoring things for me. It’s just a minor irritation. But thanks for the suggestion all the same.

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