Bug Filed on 03-18-2016: Problem when making ssh after removing the software - fixed, after preinstalling the raspberry

After i removed the device from the app, i cannot connect to the raspberry any more. What is the connection with your app and ssh and how to fix it? I have restarted the server many times- asked somebody to switched it of/ on, because it is in the other country…

Hi ,

We’ve not run into this kind of issue before. How did you remove Cayenne from your Pi? I’d like to know so we can try and replicate it here for testing.


Hello, thanks for the reply. I removed it from the Ios app- remove device. Normally if the sshd deamon is stopped it should be reatarted after restart but nothing happened.

By the way, i wanted to remove the device, because the software is taking too much ram - every day it is starting from 20 and going up to 80, 90% and every night it is recycling, and because of the security question for ssh trough http…