Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: RAM Increases Exponentially


Have 95% to 98% down here…
Yes reboot refreshes to 8% to 15%
~ Andrew


Reboot and you get…

(I might update this after 6, 12, hours etc…
~ Andrew


I thought I would add to this since I have seen it as well. I have attached a screenshot showing that the dashboard memory usage doesn’t even match the task manager usage. As shown this is with an uptime of roughly 16 hours and nothing but the basic widgets running. (Class 10, 32gb card)


Thanks for posting this Dane! Screenshots are always appreciated around here :slightly_smiling:

We’ll be releasing some fixes soon… @svazir @akaranfilian



Having the same issue. I had set my Pi to restart when memory was at 98% and it kept boot looping even when the memory was at 20%


Same here! Exponentially RAM!!! please fix it!

root 313 6.2 20.2 330916 202044 ? Ssl 17:55 16:04 /usr/bin/python3 -m myDevices

Do you need logs?


Yes, we are definitely going to release an update to make this better. Hang in there! We always want logs :slight_smile: …feel free to PM them to me?


Please release a new version!
Thank you for this magnific system!



When new version?


Please new version. Every 12 hours raspi hangs because memory exhaust.


We have a fix for this. We are doing final rounds of testing and plan to release around 2pm PST today.



Wooo! Thanks!
What we have to do?


Of course! In future we are planning to do more frequent release…the last release we did was a month ago.

You don’t have to do anything…Updates are applied automatically.



The fix must be in because my memory utilization just dropped without me rebooting…


It is…we are still making sure everything is stable though. I’ll post official release notes once we are done testing!



Keep testing… much appreciated!

My memory utilization is holding steady over the last hour or so, which is new and welcomed.



Moving this to the ‘Resolved’ category. Please let us know if this issue comes up again.

@picaxe @cramos @Dane @wizeguykev

Bug Filed on 03-09-2016: Increase memory
>95% memory usage after one day consistantly

yes , the RAM issue appears on my RaspPI 3 model B again. Ver. Jessie. Please let me know which logs I need to provide you .


I can confirm this Bug on Rpi3.

Before Reboot (~20h Uptime)

After Reboot


Here is another Screenshot (processes)