Button widget hangs


Hangs widget button when you are disconnected. Is it just me or is it a global bug?

When you press the button is triggered, and when pressed constantly turns the animation and the team does not go to the device


Are you saying you are pressing a button when device is offline?


The problem is not gone (((((Day that the device is turned on and sends readings to the server. But the button is through the web interface works intermittently. Sometimes normal, and sometimes hangs and constantly animation alarms. Through the mobile app everything works without failures.

Here is an example of how a button widget behaves. You press and everything hangs.


And so the widget behaves through time. The normally the hangs. With what it can be connected?


which device you are using. Can you share the serial monitor output when you press the button widget and it stays in wait state (animation)

i did not understand what this means.


Right now everything works fine. This is weird. Just today and yesterday after clicking on the widget button, constantly spinning animation.


if it happens again share the serial monitor output.


Ok. Excuse me for so many questions)))) I am a newbie on your platform. used to use the Blynk platform. But I have some points are not satisfied( So forgive the questions)

New Android & iOS App Update

So how do I remove widgets? They not are opening, here is screen:


we are looking into this issue and will let you know when we have a solution for it.