Can raspberry Pi be used for Mass Production

I have a couple of projects which my team has implemented, i just wanted to ask the community that is it possible to use raspberry pi for Mass production of a application. The only problem we are facing for mass production of Pi would be preparing the sd card or replicating the sd card with the same content without always going into the terminal typing into commands internet connectivity issues. If it is possible for mass production, how to replicate sd card like preparing 1000 sd card in a day or in a hour. Please let us know we would be great on people providing us suggestions.
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I think that you can make a backup of your SD card and restore it to the another raspberry Pi.

You can read more about the process here.

Thanx Chikov,
we will try this, how much time approx., do you think will it take to burn a image of raspbian os, onto a sd card. for meeting my target of creating 1000 sd card in a day or a hour speed. do you think that is possible with minimum investment for hardware setup for replicating sd card at a speed of 1000 number in a hour.

Woow I can’t answer this question… I have never try to do like 1000 sd cards :slight_smile: