Can't add action in trigger

I have one board that I can’t specify the action/then part in the trigger setup. I’ve tried different browsers, other boards in the setup, logging in and out but can’t get it to allow me to select an action with that board. It just stays greyed out. I can create triggers no problem on all my other boards FYI.

Am I missing something simple? Anyone have ideas?

Weird…What board is it?

Benny Estes | Product Manager

Nano V3 ATmega328P. It registers correctly under the config section of the dashboard. I just tried another nano and that worked fine. Weird.

I’m guessing it’s not this but just to be sure – are there actuators on that device? I.e. are there valid ‘then’ trigger targets that should be in that list? If so, what are they?

That was the issue. I had just removed my action and forgot to re-add it before adding the trigger. My bad! Thanks!