Cayenne Android App on Google Play Store!


Hello Cayenne Community,

Cayenne Android app is officially on the Google Play store. Thank you to everyone who contributed in Beta testing the app. If you could uninstall the Beta version and re-install directly from the Google Play store.

If you could please give the Cayenne app a review after downloading, thank you!


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I can not get the Android app to log into the Ras-p-3 keeps telling me to check the SSH settings


Have you performed

sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade on the Pi 3?

I’ve found that after this runs, the Discovery feature works.



I have same issue, even after performing sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. I get a “Please check SSH configuration.”


I suggest you to fill the boxes “username” and “password” with “pi” and “raspberry” unless you changed it for safer ones.


The correct user id (pi) and password (which was changed from the default) were entered in.

I am running a RaspberryPi model B with Raspian 7 (debian).


Did you download Jessie OS from the Raspberry Pi website?



Sorry, I now realize I did not have the latest Raspian OS required for Cayenne. Thank you very much.


Not to worry!