Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable


Nice! @frengomm :point_up_2:t4:


Can you help me. The link for Download App project isnt working.


can you send me .aia of this app so i can edit for my app.


the link is working (for me at least)


yes but i cant go further. Can you send me a .aia file that you made.


atleast any tutorial coz when i test the app it just shows 4 buttons.


but you can’t download te .aia file? because its an aia file


Thanks. I can now download. but need more help. iam getting this error when i get device id:
Select list item: Attempt to get item number -4, of the list ([{ id : cfe3d0e0-945e-11e7-9727-55550d1a07e7 , name : ATMEGA , hardware_id :null, user_id : 10111859 , device_type_id : 8d8242ca-8c3c-11e6-ae22-56b6b6499611 , created_at : 2017-09-08T06:27:39.000Z , updated_at : 2017-09-08T06:27:39.000Z , last_online :null, deactivated_at :null, status : ACTIVATED , active :1, parent_id :null, search_key :null, properties :{ icon :{ id :142, css : dev-emoji , hex : E87D , name : Emoji , color : #AAB2BD }}, device_type :{ id : 8d8242ca-8c3c-11e6-ae22-56b6b6499611 , name : Arduino , description : Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. , category : module , subcategory : arduino , parent_constraint : NOT_ALLOWED , child_constraint : ALLOWED , model :null, version : 0.9 , manufacturer :null, transport_protocol : tcp , protocol_version :null, created_at :null, updated_at :null, data_type :null, proxy_handler :null, application_id :null}, key : 0t3oycl7re , children :[]}]). The minimum valid item number is 1.


I pm you, would be better

Cayenne Extension for Thunkable/AI2/AppyBuilder NEW:[V2]

As I cant edit my post xD:


So, to use this, I’m supposed to enter email and password into the code.
Then run the APP.
Then click get GET AUTH TOKEN button … which works.
Then type in name of my device, like ESP8266, which works and gives me the long 8x-4x-4x-4x-12x. I can also find the 8x-4x-4x-4x-12x number for a censor name.

But then I’m supposed to retype the two 8x-4x-4x-4x-12x numbers device/censor to query the value???
I’ve tried that a couple times, without success. Although easy to make mistakes with all that typing.

I think I’ll try hard coding some values to see if I can get something to work.


Please use the extension if you have problems.


Thanks. I found this one

and got that working. I have a feeling the Thunkable graphical design is more difficult than simple programming with text!


haha, thats with my extension, @SuperNinja someone found your tutorial useful! Post images of your app when you finish it please!


HI, @jameszahary why did you said

it’s a simply drag and drop software with limits, it’s sure.


i’m waiting for what you say :wink: but at this time it’s very simple like this :


When I go on to the Create App website, It doesn’t show me any App kEY OR App secret code? :confused:


You don’t need those