Cayenne commands not working with wifi repeater

I use cayenne to open and close our gate. Because the distance between the router and the gate is too long, I use a wifi repeater. The repeater has the name equal to the router + “.ext”

Nothing happens when I push the open or close buttons on the Cayenne app.
With fing I can see the wifi repeater and also the wemos d1.
When I use the hardware buttons from the gate, I also receive the feedback that the gate is open or closed.
The wemos D1 has the SSID from the repeater.
When I do the test directly on the Router without the repeater ( and SSID from the router in the Wemos) everything is working without problems

you have already asked this question and it has been answered.

Yes, I know,
but why it is not working ? What do have I wrong ?
In the ESP I have the name and password of the extender.

check the serial monitor.