Cayenne mobie app started without internet connection - blocked

Sony C6603. Application is up to date.

If I start cayenne without internet connection I get error message.
After reconnecting still can’t start application because error is closing it.

I have to kill app and start it again with active connection to get it work.

I have recorded this here.

Thank you for recording the video for us! Seriously, it helps a lot for steps to reproduce. We will look into this, should not have to kill the app and start again with active connection in order to get it working.

@rsiegel making you aware of this.


Agreed, this is a big help, I was able to reproduce it on the first try. I’ll get a bug logged to resolve it.

Clearing the app’s Data would probably also work to workaround this, but it’s likely more effort than just kill → restart.

Clearing apps data will erase login and password… so this is not a good workaround :wink:

Yeah good call, yours is much less effort until this is fixed.