Cayenne, slow cooker, relay, and DS18B20?

Hello,has anyone made a Sous - vide cooker with Cayenne a DS18B20 and a relay or SSR? seems like it would work any thoughts?

there are lot examples in the community for DS1820 and relay. have a look at them and it will help you build a Sous - vide cooker

I would love to see you do this! Seems like it should be possible.


Check out Adafruit’s “Sous-vide controller powered by Arduino - The SousViduino!” at What is Sous Vide? | Sous-vide controller powered by Arduino - The SousViduino! | Adafruit Learning System for some ideas.

While a fun project and good learning experience, it just didn’t give the best results expected for sous vide. I eventually went with a precision cooker. Both Anova Culinary and Chef Steps Joule are good choices with lots of positive reviews.

Bob aka “Max”

Ok,thanks. would Cayenne allow you to use triggers from a Ds18B20 to Trigger a SSR on and off from readings in 140 to 170 degrees F range? I tried last night but was unable to get them to trigger I was’nt sure if it was a trigger problem or if controlling something at that temp was allowed?


@adbrig4 there is a bug with trigger and a new trigger engine will be released soon.

I’m a bit late to the party, but @kreggly has a project posted here that would help you out

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