Cayenne Soldering Iron

About This Project

This is a project thats allows a Sywon soldering iron to be controlled by Cayenne for simple on and off operation along with a timer for auto off. I have it setup so that you can still use the manual on/off switch on the unit in addition to Cayenne so if no internet, no issue. It was a little tight getting all the components into the housing but luckily there was enough space to do so without cramming it in there. I really like the timer/auto off feature. No worrying if it was left on by mistake because the adjustable timer will shut it off after the time period expires. I still try to unplug it when i’m not using it just to be safe.

What’s Connected

It uses the Sywon K601 soldering iron from amazon (, a ESP01(ESP8285) for connectivity, a 3.3v power supply, and a mechanical relay. It still makes use of the built in fuse for safe operation.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Schematics to follow…


nice project @vapor83

I had that soldering iron before and it exploded, care! (NOT A JOKE LOL)

ya thats not good! I’m in the habit of unplugging when i’m done.

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That’s a pretty sweet project! I’m actually pretty surprised they left that much room in there…