CayenneLPP and Pressure forecast type/extension

Hi All,

Currently we can send ‘pressure’ data via CayenneLPP.

But, if we use Lora(wan) and only transmit this a few times a day, the receiving party is unable to use this value for calculating a (accurate) forecast.

Internally in the node, this can of course be calculated!

A pressure value without a forecast is of not much use…

My idea/feature request is to add a way to specify the forecast.
It would be best if we can add it together with the pressure (like with GPS we have 4 values)
If that ain’t possible, a new data type for the forecast (a 1 byte value)

unknown = 0

The weather forecast is calculated by the movement of baro meter (values going up/down)

Of course, extending the current pressure type with a forecast would be best.

Looking at the current CayenneLPP implementation, there is no way to signal a version number. Be could use a special type (255) for this (Data1 Type)

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Thanks for suggesting this. we will take this into consideration but it will take couple of months to implement this.