Connection problem


Hey guys, I want to connect my arduino to cayene. The problem is, i am using a TP-LINK 5 port 10/100Mbps Desktop switch, and with that, the cayene can’t see it. I am using two ports of the 5, one to arduino, one to my pc. But when i unplug the cables, and connect it without the switch, it works again. Of course in that case i cant use the internet on my PC. Any suggestions?



Sounds like your ISP is limiting connections.

If so, you could try getting your own private router and that way the DHCP stuff happens on your private network and runs it through the one IP assigned to you.

Can you take a look at your router settings or are they locked down?




Do you have a router in there, or just a modem and a switch? To have more than 1 device connected to the internet it’s typical to have a router do NAT for your inside devices.


just the modem and the switch. Maybe i should buy one router


if i connect to pc-s to the switch, both works well, but not the arduino. The router settings are locked down. I think i should buy a modem, i see no other options


Yep, you will need a router to get more than one device online for sure.


thx guys, a lot :slight_smile:


Can you use a switch router?


I think a router switch would work ok. I’m not sure about a switch router :wink:

Just need something to handle NAT and DHCP if your ISP has just provided a modem or has it’s router functions locked down.

If so, all you need to do is buy a router and connect it to your modem. Then use the built in switch on it to connect, use wifi, or run an ethernet cable to your desk from one of the port, and put your existing switch on it there to splay out to all your pretty little devices.