Custom Querry CSV Formatting


Can the Custom Querry format place data into multiple columns ?

Is there a wiki / help for formatting the Querry.

I would like to be able to drop out the overkill detail e.g. most of the columns.

~ Andrew

From the SQL query there I thought you could just put in some SQL to get what you want, but that doesn’t work. My only suggestion would be to get the data you want and then manipulate in excel.

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Thought it might be a bit much at that level. Yes a fun time XL macro challenge. Thanks.

We are heading towards wanting to do some elementary GIS by sorting Lat Lon against variable data.

Is Cayenne anywhere near mapping geo locating data / plotting way points in a BYOD context yet ? I am esp interested in some python approach. We are looking at a manual technique Open Street Maps and JOSM at present.

~ Andrew

I think the map functions are still limited to LoRA. Is that right @shramik_salgaonkar?

you can use them for BYOD device but are not fully supported for them, There are issues with them for Arduino and other BYOD devices.

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We have the GPS data into the Pi and BYOD to widgets is working nicely thanks. I have the three channels of live data working (Lat, Lon, Var) within widgets already. I will have a go at tidying things up using correct units and put up some links.

It is making the GPS do something nice on a map in real time I think would be very useful. At a minimum just a plot way point bread crumb or trace daisy chain over minutes, hours, days etc. A Cayenne widget for this would be so nice ?

If there is a starting point for this within BYOD / LoRa or elsewhere I would be keen to at least look at the approach. Do you have some topic links please.

The next level up is mixing space + time + data. I feel this would be even more valuable: Being able to heat map live variable data to a map. I think this could be very useful ?

We are working on a model of this using OSMaps + JOSM concept probably via a third party server at present and may manage to get it live.

~ A

Did you have a look at other topic Tracking GPS release date? - #9 by shramik_salgaonkar
For Lora, you can GPS data with cayenne LPP data type for GPS.Cayenne Docs

you can use cayenne Rest APi to get data from cayenne and print on the map.

Thanks for the ideas. per other post I have left some comments and will try poking some python at things via the tidy Pi0w and LoRa radio.
~ A