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I’ve got two devices active and running (one Arduino Mega and one ESP32). However if I try to manually add a Virtual channel, the ESP32 device does not appear in the Select Device drop down list. Only the Arduino Mega is shown. Does anyone know why this would happen?

did you try to “bring your own device” :

That creat MQTT : user name, pass , client ID to you board.
Put in your code and play.

I already have two active devices
and want to add a widget to the ESP32 Door Monitor, but it is not visible in the Select Devices
As you can see, only the Arduino Mega board is visible, so I can’t add a widget to the ESP device

You made this to add a Button for example ? :

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I am not sure what is happening. I added a custom widget as you said above and it did show both devices in the Device drop down list, but when I then went on to add a relay control widget, to the same device (ESP32), it was not visible. The photo below shows both devices in the LH sidebar, but only the Mega in the Device list on the RH sidebar

Looks like a bug, did you try custom widget as @SuperNinja suggested? Tagging @eptak

1 Like this is because when a device is added using other then Arduino we have to use the custom widget. try what @SuperNinja suggested.

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Hi, I was able to add a Button by using the Custom Widget as suggested by @SuperNinja. It is visible in the widget list on the LH sidebar for the ESP32 (see screenshot above). Both devices were visible in the LH Device list during that process, so I was able to select the ESP32 device. However when I tried to add a Relay Switch, the ESP32 device was not visible in the RH sidebar list (also see screenshot above)

to add a relay switch for your ESP32 do this:
add a custom widget button with channel 5 and add this below code

int x =  getValue.asInt();
digitalWrite(relay_pin, x);
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Yep, can do. I understand that I can configure the customer button widget to drive the relay contact. However, I think there is a bug because I would expect to see all my devices in the Device list for any sensor or actuator.

yes there is a bug and have informed the team.

Ah, ok, so I’m not crazy!! Thanks :slight_smile: You guys are great.