Device Tree Settings on Dashboard iPhone and Computer not equal

On Raspi 3 Dashboard Setting iPhone Device Tree is on. On Dashboard iMAC Setting the Device Tree is off.

I switched the iPhone Device Tree switch to off then the Raspberry is not anymore bootable. The solution was to check the file who has changed last. On the SD-Card in the BOOT section the config.txt file the
Setting : device_tree= was entered from the iPhone App. Remove this setting was the solution.

Hi @albertstuder

Thank you for the report. There do appear to be some issues with these settings toggles staying in sync between mobile and web Cayenne, which we’ll continue to work on.

That said, adding device_tree= to /boot/config.txt to disable the device tree appears to be the intended behavior, I’m not 100% sure why it caused a boot failure on your Pi, it doesn’t on those that I’ve tested. What is the output of uname -a on your Pi?

It was very strange only the red light on the Pi was on no green light coming up on trying to boot up. I had to remove the card and remove on my MAC the device_tree= in the /boot/config.txt. Then the Pi started again.
I was surprised that this could happen. Before i had the Dashbbard from iPhone and MAC on and the Device Tree switches where different.
It must happen when i checked the settings with my iPhone with LTE connection and i only changed this setting because i was wondering that this setting was on and i set it to off. Return at home i found my Pi dead.
I was worried my Pi is dead and i checked the file on the SD Card on my MAC who was changed last. And that was the file /boot/config.txt. I compared the difference with another working SD card file and device_tree= was the difference.

Well, certainly glad that you got it up and running again! As I mentioned, there are issues with the toggles for the various Pi settings in Cayenne, I’d recommend people change these settings via sudo raspi-config or Pi Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces on the actual pi until we iron out the kinks with these toggle buttons.

I will leave this thread as ‘unresolved’ until we’ve updated to make sure that the web, Android, and iOS apps all agree on these toggles when viewed.