Dragino LSN50v2 - Working Mode 4

I have the Dragino LSN50v2 integrated with TTN and I believe feeding data into Cayenne. The problem is that I have the Dragino in a different ‘working mode’ than the default. They use different working modes depending on what type of sensors you have attached to it. I have it MOD=4, which means I have multiple DS18B20 sensors attached. I think the Cayenne just uses the default MOD=1, so my sensors aren’t mapped or decoded correctly.

I’m wondering if there is anything I can do about this? Can Cayenne support a JSON format instead of the LPP??


MOD4 Payload Format:

MOD1 (Default) Payload Format

The decoder mention that the mod4 is Weight https://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/LSN50-LoRaST/Payload_decoder/image_v1.7.0_Decoder_TTN.txt

Yea… that threw me too. The user docs say MOD=4 but the decoder has it as 3. (The decoder starts at 0.) The issue is the same though. Anyplace I can change something so it decodes MOD 3 (4)?

@ shramik_salgaonkar