Error send data from Kerlink SPN to Cayenne

I’m now trying to use Cayenne for my dashboard.
My hardware is as below:

  • Node: Uno with rfm95
  • Gateway: Kerlink iFemto SPN

After I configured to Kerlink to send data to Cayenne as from instruction, it doesn’t work and always shows below error:
KLK: RHTTP ERR Unable to send Rx data to URL

Any advice to resolve this issue?

which instruction are you referring to?

Here is the link I followed for Kerlink SPN:

are you programming your uno with correct LPP payload format? and have setup the correct URL.

As checked, the formats are correct.
For URL, I configure Kerlink to send to, and it shows that it sends to
Is this link correct?

where do you get this error message? in kerlink console?

Yes. I got this from public log windows (spn’s web service). My guess is that the url link might be incorrect

we are looking into this issue.