Error sending data from Kerlink SPN v2

Hello, try to sending data from Globalsat LT-100 using Kerlink iStation and SPN V2 into Cayenne but i get some error result.

From the gateway log, i can see the error is:
RHTTP ERR Unable to send Rx data to URL SSL connect error

I have read and follow guide on this page but looks like it is a guide to work with Kerlink SPN v1

As there is no HTTP Transmitter on SPN v2, i use Remote HTTP REST and putting this on the settings
Use HTTPS: True
Port: 443
Path: /v1/networks/kerlink/uplink

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Here is some screenshot that i think would help to explain the problem

SPN HTTP Settings
Error Log

Thank You

can you try a reboot of the gateway.

Yes, but it still showing the same error. I’ve been trying it for several days actually.