Esp8266 01 no connection wireless network

Hi team cayenne.

my project is simple, I am trying to connect to the wireless network, but the connection does not respond.
attached image of the code and serial viewer.,
Use a esp8266 01
Thank you

that either means you password is wrong or some issue with router which is why the esp is nt connecting to wifi.

I already connected, but I had to rest many times the pin rst. what do you think is the problem? My network is with a good signal.

Thanks again

I do see some garbage value in the screen shot of your serial monitor. Can you try a basic esp8266 code to connect to wifi and see if the issue is still present .

a lot of garbage comes out
how do I remove the trash?

can you try powering the ESP from a different 3.3V power supply.

Thank you
increase the voltage to 4.9 and it worked.

thank you

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