False Notification Of An Event


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Pi 2

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I have an email notification to monitor a door contact. But currently the RPi and breadboard are still on the workbench. The digital input is simply a jumper wire on the GPIO.

On 4-14-16 at 3:17 PM I got a Device Notification email stating Sensor Door 1 is now off. But I know the breadboard jumper didn’t change connection.

I immediately looked at my Android app and it was showing the door (jumper) still closed. Even the minute by minute graph did not indicate any status change of the input.

When I arrived home, I checked to see if the electricity had blinked but it had not.


I got one like that too this week and thought it kind of odd.

4-14-16 and 2:06, 2:12, and 2:13 MST.


@rlnou812 @kreggly I’ve created a task card for the team to investigate. If you could please keep us updated on if it keeps occurring. Thanks!



Just got another false notification of the same event like I previously reported. Except this time I was home. It appears my DSL connection may have hiccuped or dropped temporarily. I was streaming music from Pandora and it stopped about the same time I got the notification.

Previously I stayed away from Cloud base systems because of potential problems like this. I thought I would give Cayenne a try but this is enforcing my previous lack of faith in Cloud base servers.

I hope someone can prove me wrong.


Had to shut notification down. Got over 15 events in just a couple of hours. I have went for days without a problem and now this?

The Pi is setting on my bench undisturbed but it continues to send events that a jumper on the GPIO is opening and closing.

Running Ping Plotter since the first false event earlier this afternoon and my network connection appears to be stable.


Hello?? Anyone here? Is this false event reporting just unique to me? Is there something I need to change or is this truly a bug in the program?

I checked the graph for the input sending the event and the on or off status has not changed for weeks. But I still get an email notifying me the input has changed.


Hi @rlnou812 ,

Sorry for the lack of response time. We’re still investigating why this is happening. Haven’t been able to reproduce on our end. Are you on WiFi or hard wired?



Also do you have link to the door sensor you’re using? Want to see if we’re using same one…

@kreggly what sensor werebyou using that gave you a false notification?



I have a hardwired Ethernet connection to the RPi.

The GPIO ribbon connector lands to a breadboard. I am using a jumper wire on the breadboard and not a door sensor.


Hi @rlnou812,

I’ve been able to successfully reproduce now that I removed the door sensor and just had a naked wire. I used digital input widget for a jumper wire and used a notification to email me when the state was a 1, or on/high. I received an influx of emails.

I was able to stop the notifications by plugging the jumper wired into a grounded breadboard. When I removed the wire I started receiving notifications again.

I was able to stop the notifications by removing the widget from the dashboard.

Are you able to remove your widget from the dashboard and confirm if the emails stop? When you are ready to connect the door sensor, perhaps you can add the widget at that time, rather than having the widget connected with an open jumper wire.

In the mean time, we will investigate if this issue is in Cayenne’s scope and if there is something we can do about suppressing the notifications in this scenario.

Hope this helps, sorry for the long wait here too.